1 in 4

Release Date: 8/09

Album: GO WEST





My baby's got a problem with her dad
He loved her so hard that it made her go bad
When I'm loving her she shakes and moans
Then pulls away and screams "leave me alone."

When my baby and I are together in bed
I swear she sees my body on another man's head
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure
My baby is a 1 in 4

My baby makes love with her eyes closed
She's tired all the time and she sleeps in her clothes
She says her love for me is so strong and deep
That one night she might kill me in my sleep

There's a four letter word when you say it out loud
It sounds like breaking glass or a ripping shroud
And no want wants to make that sound
But how can I drive away what she's swallowed down?

My baby's on a river in Egypt
She says that sex is pain, and who needs it
If I could have ten minutes with her old man
I swear I'd take him out with my bare hands

My baby won't talk about it
My baby won't think about it
She says I don't know a thing about it
She just checks out
She just checks out
What do I do? What do I do?
What do I do? What do I do?


Adam - lead vocal, all instruments
Evie Sands - backing vocals

Adam sez:

Possibly the darkest, grittiest and most intense song I have ever written, "1 in 4" tells the desperate story of a guy over his head in his first serious relationship with a girl he suspects is an incest survivor. Recorded solo (with Evie appearing at the very end of the song) to capture all the sounds in my head, and also because the subject matter was so intense I wasn't really comfortable singing it in front of anybody, I knew when I heard the rough mixes of this song that "1 in 4" was going to be a standout on any album I put it on, and also test the limits of what a listener was ready to accept in the context of a "power pop" song. The title refers to the statistic of rape victims in the U.S. The song, though not totally taken from real life, is something I have enough knowledge of to have felt like I could tackle. In the GO WEST light-dark songwriting chain, it's the grim rejoinder to the idyllic first love of "December 24," and the following song, "Go West," explores the family undercurrents that may have driven the girl in this song, and indeed the protagonists of the whole album.

The huge, cannon-like drum sound on this track is a nod to Dennis Wilson, another example of using Beach Boys influence (in this case, a cymbal-less kit and a simple, heavy backbeat of a snare and floor tom) in a completely different context (e.g. a song that sounds more like Smashing Pumpkins).

©2007 by Adam Marsland (BMI).

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