40 year Old

Release Date: 1/10





Up. Crap.
Stubbed my toe
Shuffle down, shuffle back
Pee? Yeah. Shave? No.

Coffee: black
Cinnamon roll
E-mail's down, cursor's whacked
Facebook? Yeah. Write back? No.

I'm only gonna do it if it wouldn't be prudent
'Cause I'm a 40 year-old college student!
I said I'm gonna grow up but I ain't gonna do it
'Cause I'm a 40 year-old college student!

Hall: gay
Moustache: Oates
Adult education slows
Window? Yeah. Leave? No

Co-ed meet professor 'ho
Who's your daddy now
Make out? Yeah. Fuck? No


Adam - lead vocal, guitar
Teresa Cowles - bass
Jon Braun - drums, vocals
Charlie Zayleskie - keyboards, vocals
Bill Stone - vocals

Adam sez:

More or less a free association of ideas relating to being a musician in mid-life crisis, this was mostly inspired by living at Jon Braun's band digs (which I really enjoyed) for the first 10 days of the GO WEST tour, which consisted of waking up at about 1 p.m. and padding into the kitchen to make coffee and spending the rest of the day regaining consciousness. The Hall and Oates bit was inspired by a clipping on Jon's refrigerator. This also touched on my general anti-social mood doing the time of the tour, which motivated me to grow a full beard.

The weird, haiku-like scansion of the verse presented a challenge when writing the music. This was the last song to be completed...I'd finished all the other ones, everyone had gone to bed, when suddenly it hit me and I dashed downstairs to wake up Jon (again) and play it for him. This has easily the most bizarre time signature of any song I've ever recorded: 11/8 in the verses, 7/8 in the chorus, with a bar of 6 for good measure. The figure was murder to play, too, and we were all scared to death of recording this song. We did get it, though, in fairly good time.

Recording the gang vocals was one of the most stirring moments of the HELLO CLEVELAND day...four dudes, all singing together, all roughly fitting the description of the guy in the song (except Jon, who'll get there soon enough), proclaiming our middle aged adolescence lustily, paunchy pirates singing yo-ho-ho.

©2009 by Adam Marsland (BMI).

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