AM Gold

Release Date: 1/10





AM gold, AM gold
Makes me feel sad and old
Wood on skin, wood on wire
Hair on denim, now retired

AM gold, AM gold
Major sevens, loud and bold
One hit wonder wonderland
Came to Boston, then got banned

AM gold, AM gold
Robot music left me cold
Let it roll and let it be
Not American idolatry

AM gold, AM gold
Eric Carmen is Ben Folds
Raspberries to your disconnect
It don't deserve your disrespect

AM gold, my old friend
Making me feel good again
Jesus is just alright with me
If Moses is Shaun Cassidy


Adam - lead vocal, guitar
Teresa Cowles - bass
Jon Braun - drums, vocals
Charlie Zayleskie - keyboards, vocals
Bill Stone - vocals

Adam sez:

As we were driving across Pennsylvania, I'd periodically solicit suggestions from the band when I got stuck. At one point Jon Braun, in the back reading the autobiography of Levon Helm, piped up "write a song called 'AM Gold!'" And so I did. Jon got to do the whistling on the track, too.

I've been accused of being stuck in the '70s. To me, that misses the point. I've never tried to recreate a sound from the past. I just think the theory of recording in the '70s -- real instruments, well recorded, and played by good musicians, and pop songs that had more to say than just one melody or three chords -- is what sounds best. If you compare cheesy pop music of the '70s to cheesy pop music today, there's one huge difference: real people played the music, and it was by and large less predictable than it is today. People would throw in weird jazz chords (particularly with soul music), there would be harmonies, there would be melody. There would be a groove from a real drummer. Look, I just think that way is better. That's the sound I like. That's the sound I have ALWAYS liked.

I also think, much like I believe talk radio has ruined America, American Idol has ruined music. I actually shouldn't pin it entirely on American Idol...I think Mariah Carey got the ball rolling. People are actually being judged and rated on the basis of how many notes they can technically cram into a song. People...that has nothing to do with serving the song, it has nothing to do with conveying an emotion. That is entirely about the singer's ego, and about training the audience that subtlely doesn't matter. If you want to get on American Idol, you better not sing like Willie Nelson (bad pitch, quavery delivery), Frank Sinatra (limited range and technique) or Otis Redding (too restrained). You better sing like Michael Bolton. And that, we are told, is what constitutes good singing.

It makes me feel sad and old.

©2009 Adam Marsland (BMI)

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