Release Date: 9/04





We made love in the desert,

threw the blankets down,

and dug our hands in the trysting sand

of the beckoning ground.


A boneyard to buy me,

a moment of clarity.


She gave way to the ocean,

I gave myself to the breeze,

a billion stars to damn me,

and I wished for trees.


Burning infinity,

a moment of clarity.

Now I am wrought out in shame

(wake up, wake up, wake up)

for the virtue

that went and came

(betray my love)

it's gonna hurt you to blot out my name.


The ghost that you gaze upon,

is already blown and gone.

Ill omen to bury me,

a moment of clarity.


Adam - lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Paul Lacques - pedal steel
Michael Whitmore - mandolin
Stew, Heidi Rodewald, Evie Sands, Lilli Oldfield, John - backing vocals
Darian Sahanaja - glockenspeil

Adam sez:

I was one of several keyboard players to work with Stew and Heidi Rodewald in The Negro Problem over the years, and I always felt that the three of us had an awesome harmony blend that never made it to record. "A Moment of Clarity" was a chance to showcase that blend and also put Stew and Heidi in a totally different setting then where we've heard them before -- a campfire round, telling a story about a tryst in the desert, unrequited love and an empty soul. It was a pretty song before they came in, but Heidi's aching counterpoint vocal of someone desperate to have their love reciprocated and yet knowing that their worst fears are about to be confirmed, that it became truly sad.

When YOU DON'T KNOW ME was written and recorded I was in the middle of the solo touring phase of my life and a lot of the songs reflected that drifting rootlessness. The rough-hewn vocal and odd time change at the end of the song arise from me having cut the track as a vocal and acoustic guitar demo just before Paul Lacques showed up for the session. Rather than recutting it and cutting into Paul's available time, we just went ahead and used the demo and had Paul play on it. Michael Whitmore (mandolin) and Darian Sahanaja (glock) complete the delicate arrangement. The late Lilli Oldfield, Evie and John did the counterpoint backgrounds at the end, which were inspired by Aretha Franklin.

©2003 by Adam Marsland (BMI)

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