Release Date: 9/96





I had a life in here somewhere

I socked it away from wear and tear

I never took it out but it's not there


I left it somewhere outside this room

Before joy condensed and rained gloom

Before ironic destiny lowered the boom


I never meant to harm her

But now I'm experiencing instant karma

You can never trust a farmer

They're always reaping what they sow


Don't wanna be banished

Never to be seen again

Bigger things going on outside

I wasn't notified that I had died


I never saw the need in friends

I was standing here waiting for a bus

When I suddenly became diaphanous


Unto the victor go the spoils

Maybe gold is forever, but aluminum foils

The pathetic loser whose stopped watch never boils

Once many people knew my name

That was before the amber waves of shame

Now my kingdom's her eminent domain


I wanted to let her down not drop her

But now I seem to have come a cropper

Because nothing now can stop her

From becoming what she beheld


My father once told me

That no good deed goes unpunished

Now the ironies are piling on me

By the metric tonnage


I learned from her what trust is

Now you can find me where sleeping rust is

But there's a certain poetic justice

In the way things all worked out


Spanish! Coma esta bien?

©1994 by Adam Marsland


Adam - vocals, guitars
Rob Cassell - vocals, bass
James Hazley - drums

Adam sez:

"Banished" perhaps sums up the early Cockeyed Ghost ethos best: high dual vocals, witty wordplay, and an arrangement designed to rise, fall, and then build up to an explosion at the end. The tag falls apart in a cacophony of guitar and cello, but live this song and its extended ending was almost impossible for any band to follow, and we regularly closed our shows with it, working ourselves into a frenzy. The recording really doesn't do it justice, it's kind of messy and collapses at the end, but this song was a guaranteed showstopper in concert. I would get so worked up that I would lose control and hurt myself...but it was a staple of our live shows up until our performance at South by Southwest in March 1997, when I tumbled off stage and took out my right knee. After that we stayed away from this song for awhile.

The recording says "watched pot" in the second verse but the lyrics actually are "stopped watch," because a single pun isn't good enough, it has to be a double pun.

The obscure lyrics are basically about jealousy that someone is moving on in their life, and you're stuck where you are.

©1994 Adam Marsland (BMI)

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