Release Date: 1/10







"Please drive safely, heaven can wait"
Reads the truck parked at the cemetery gate
A logo with two big green trees
Reads: "Batesville Casket Company,
A Hillenbrand Industry."

I'm glad to know, that when I go
There's a corporation that loves me so
Bury my heart next to D. Boon
We want your corpse, but not too soon
At the Batesville Casket Company,
A Hillenbrand Industry.

©2009 by Adam Marsland (BMI)


Adam - vocals, guitar

Adam sez:

As I've already said, most of the lyrics to HELLO CLEVELAND were written on a day-long drive across Pennsylvania, and this song was derived almost entirely from the writing on a van that we were passing on the narrow turnpike in the rain. The whole dichotomy of what was written on it, coupled with us trying not to get killed passing the van, struck me as totally bizarre. Teresa thinks this is one of the best songs I have ever written. She may be right...I was trying to tie up a lot of diverse thoughts in a very short space, and I think everyone understands where it's coming from. The song doesn't waste your time. D. Boon, by the way, was the lead singer of the Minutemen, who died in an accident while on tour, so that ties in to the whole theme as well.

I found out later that there already was a song called "Batesville Casket Company," a speed metal instrumental by a band I'd never heard of. There was even a youtube video of some kid in his room trying to play it. Teresa and I made a very silly "video" for this song, consisting of me (drunk and disheveled) holding her laptop and following myself around the room. HELLO CLEVELAND finally got me into making videos myself, because I figured with an album as low budget and off-the-cuff as this one, I could get away with murder.

When we did the HELLO CLEVELAND release party in L.A., we recast and expanded this song into a Barry Manilow-styled show tune, complete with a Manhattan Transfer-styled jazz harmony ending, repeating "Batesville Casket Company, A Hillenbrand Industry" in four part vocals, scat-style. It was very, very weird.

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