Release Date: 9/96





Call me Charley

ask me for the time

It might as well be his name

I'm trying to forget mine

Oh Well, sex sells

Anchors to drowning men


Clear my eyes

Make the senses wise

Kill the will to be

Call me Charley

Pox my eyes

Make the senses wise

Let emptiness set me free

Call me Charley


I heard her murder

Everything I love

They're all figments of imagination I guess

When push comes to glove

Don't care

Don't share

Your feelings with yourself


Adam - vocals, guitars
Rob Cassell - vocals, bass

Adam sez:

Ugh. I really hate this song. If I could make one track from my discography disappear...

A quiet showpiece intended to take a break from the frenetic pace of the album and show off Rob's and my vocal harmonies, "Call Me Charley" is a serious misfire on the first album. The night I cut the vocal Rob was boycotting the sessions (he was threatening to quit the group during the recording of the first album and was not around for major sections of the vocal overdubs), and the situation within the band had depressed me to such a degree that I way, way, overemoted the vocal. Oops. The lyrics are similarly vague...who's Charley? Why that name? Why spell it that way? Damned if I know. It's about depression and that's probably as far as I should go with it. Still, the harmony block at the end is pretty sweet, I must admit. But this is one of my absolute least favorite songs I've ever released on a proper album.

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