Release Date: 3/99





Why does all this stuff keep landing on my lap?

I donít wanna deal with....CRAP

My confidence in the home team getting shaky

'Cos all those tough tart brave hearts are achy flaky


I kept up my end of the deal

Every word you/ve spoken in my wheel

I'm supposed to dance around how you feel


Jealous people massacre my sleep

'Cos I didn't want to take that faithless leap

Youíve given me ample reason not to trust you

But you mustn't take responsibility, must you?


I worked for everything I got

Dirtied my hands when you would not

You're just a whiny litte snot


Do everything I can and wind up hated

And every best laid plan winds up frustrated

And every best played band disintegrated

For reasons that I previously stated


You wanna have things you havenít earned

You wanna teach things you havenít learned

You wanna strike a match and say you got burned


You wanna pat on the back

You need a kick in the pants

Youíd rather talk about your feet

Than learn how to dance

Youíre just a bitter quitter

I'm sick of being your babysitter



Your spoiled rotten attitude

Your ever deranging moods

Your belief youíre being screwed

Your complete ingratitude

The ego trips that you defended

Every hand you ever extended

Your wanting it both ways

Your every other face

Your sense of entitlement

Your youth and cash misspent

Thank you for being a friend

Patronize 'til the bitter end

CRAP I'm sick of dealing with

CRAP don't wanna hear your

CRAP I'm sick of dealing with

CRAP don't wanna hear your



Adam - vocals, guitar
Robbie Rist - bass, vocals
Kurt Medlin - drums

Adam sez:

Probably the most blistering track I'd ever cut (and a real workout for poor Kurt, who was just easing his way back into the drum seat), this was the first song on THE SCAPEGOAT FACTORY to deal with the recent breakup of the band, and most specifically my divorce-like feelings towards one of my former bandmates. It's basically a laundry list of things I'd been biting my tongue about for three years, and as such, it was about as easy to write as it is to vomit after drinking ten tequila sunrises. The process is also similar. It might just be the nastiest song I have ever written about a specific person, but the mood in the song was moderated by the lyrics in the songs that came afterward, so even though afterwards I felt kind of bad about how mean-spirited this song was, as a genuine outburst of emotion, I just went with it as part of the arc of the record. It certainly was how I felt at the time.

The "na-na" part was a tip of the hat to another local L.A. band, The Shakes.

Despite being one of the least likely songs of mine to ever amount to anything, "Crap" was later used in a movie called FINDER'S FEE with James Earl Jones, of all people, and turned up on cable TV years later, so I wound up making a little jack on it!

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