Dave Matthews

Release Date: 1/10





Don't you wanna see something new?
A yeah yeah and a boo-hoo
It's 2009, OK but you're 1998 whenever you play

It's Dave Matthews Again!
It's Dave Matthews Again!

I like tasty licks as much as the next guy
I also like filling in my pie
It's cool that you're into DMB
Just what the world needs: another clean hippie

You've got to imitate before you can create
This much I understand
You've got to be mediocre before you can be great
But does it always have to be the same band?

It's Dave Matthews Again!
It's Dave Matthews Again!

In 1992 it was Motley Crue,
R.E.M. and/or U2
Now a whole new generation being misled
Into another jam band humping the dead


Adam - lead vocal, guitar
Teresa Cowles - bass, vocals
Jon Braun - drums, vocals
Charlie Zayleskie - keyboards, vocals
Bill Stone - vocals

Adam sez:

Definitely a result of having been on the bill with one too many incompetent young jam bands, "Dave Matthews Again" pokes fun at the phenomenon that new, young bands will tend to all imitate maybe 4 or 5 bands that are in vogue in that time span. You'd think it would be more, but it's not. Dave Matthews is tempting for younger musicians because of their incredibly precise, very busy playing. Of course, younger musicians usually drop the precision part, and the resulting cacophony is really hard on one's nerves if you want to hear, oh I don't know, music played in time. And of course, Dave Matthews isn't big on songs (as opposed to melodies sung over riffs), and neither are his imitators.

This was the first take of the song, with Jon Braun flailing away in a parody of Matthews' rather sickeningly good drummer, Carter Beauford. Jon wanted to get the part right, but the more he did it, the more he actually sounded like Beauford, which sort of defeated the point of the song, since I find that kind of drumming boring. Jon's first wild stab at it was comic genius, and I eventually prevailed on him to let us use the first take.

The ad-libbed rant at the end of the song was inspired by the backing vocalists standing across from me, cutting the "Dave Matthews Again" line simultaneously to my lead vocal. It felt like Godspell or something, and I just got the spirit, I guess.

I got so amused by the line "I like tasty licks as much as the next guy" that I kept singing it to everybody for the rest of the tour. "Hey Teresa!" "What?" [sung] "I like tasty licks as much as the next guy..." Teresa: [glares].

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