Release Date: 4/01

Album: LUDLOW 6:18






I might just explode with cold

It's raining again today

The inside and outside of my head

Turning grey


Four pathetic weeks

The death of an era

Suicidal and bleak

Hope I didn't depress you


Ten shopping days 'til Christmas

And what a horrible way to die

Lying face up in a snowbank

Letting epithets fly

Brown sky

Why I?


This is what they call a crush

When the inside of your rubbers

Fill with slush

And the crushee blubbers


Now I curse the rain

It's heaven spitting on me

Emblematic of pain

Watching idiots suffer


Ten shopping days 'til Christmas

And what a horrible day to live

While the stupid happy world doth play

What I wouldn't give

For a sleigh

On the way

to January


Adam - vocals, piano, electric piano
Robert Ramos - bass, vocals
Severo Jornacion - vocals
Kurt Medlin - drums

Adam sez:

This was the first song written for LUDLOW 6:18, not counting "The Foghorn" which was recycled from pre-Cockeyed Ghost days. It actually dates from late 1998. L.A. songwriter Wendie Colter had a regular music night at Highland Grounds called "Third Thursdays" and her theme for Christmas '98 was that everyone had to come in with a new seasonal song. I had just written this lyric so I just went right out and wrote the music to it on the piano. I remember when I taught it to the band I put all the chords on a huge white board and they basically read it. We played it a lot on the SCAPEGOAT FACTORY tour (as a proxy for some of the more complicated songs on that album that we weren't confident we could pull off live) and it was pretty well ingrained in our heads for the LUDLOW sessions.

The lyrics to the song are so over-the-top depressing they're not meant to be taken seriously. In my mind the singer is a 20-something shoegazer dude who is too intellectual to take his own feelings seriously. Hence the over-erudition (who the hell uses the word "doth" anymore?) and the sense of emotional detachment.

Basically, I just don't like this guy very much.

This is the only Cockeyed Ghost track that has no guitar on it.

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