Release Date: 9/96





I saw you rubbing haunches with the dogs that say no

Watching talking head hunters lead rhetorical does

To the slaughter

In the jaundiced view of living that your species enjoys

See the glass half empty and the other half

Poisoned water


See the leaders legions laid so low

Scatter their igloos like so many Eskimaux

Find the deep dark evil in new fallen snow

Just say yes to the dogs that say no


Let those without ideas be the casters of stones

Gravel avalanche along with thoughts that you won't disown

But you oughta


I saw you rubbing haunches with

Loose lips that sank a thousand launches if

There's a hell where dangerous phrases go

Hope there's a room reserved for "Just say no."


Adam - vocals, guitars
Rob Cassell - vocals, bass
James Hazley - drums

Adam sez:

One thing that was great about the early Cockeyed Ghost era was I had found a whole new language for writing and I got very prolific and came up with all manner of weird ideas that seemed to be OK in the context of the mid '90s alternative rock scene. Case in point, "Dogs That Say No," kind of an odd little song. Like many songs on KEEP YOURSELF AMUSED played a little faster than probably was good for it, "Dogs"' angular chorus plays off Rob's unique bass line, earning him a cowriter credit. It goes by quickly and its quirkiness has a certain amount of charm, and yes, the guitar solo was supposed to sound be the most frantic one ever recorded. The obscure lyrics are actually political, basically about my disgust at the fact that politics is so often about preventing things from happening rather than offering solutions...and those politicans who do try to offer real solutions tend to be ruthlessly smeared and have their motives called into question more often than not. A lot of those dynamics that I observed in '94 when I wrote this song (at a Spanish Kitchen show at the Eagle Cafe, I seem to remember), have borne ugly fruit in recent years.

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