Release Date: 9/04





I make this solemn vow,

thanks for everything,

I hope youíre happy now,

thanks for everything.


I wish only good things for you,

whichever course you pursue.

Itís only what you deserve,

these are my final words.

Only love can melt a heart,

thanks for everything,

you alone defined that art,

thanks for everything.

Puddles and waterfalls

irrigating a face, thatís all.

Awarding me with your love,

how can I thank you enough?


I wish I could change my life.

I wish I could change myself.

I'm gonna change my life.

I'm gonna change myself.


Adam - vocals, piano, electric guitar
Evie Sands
- electric guitar
Casey Dolan - electric guitar
Severo Jornacion - bass
Sandra Beane - cello
Michael Whitmore - vibraphone
Kurt Medlin - drums, percussion
Gwynne Garfinkle - spoken word

Adam sez:

Written at the same time as "Portland", at the tail end of the LUDLOW recording sessions, "Thanks for Everything" went from being very short to very, very long, including spoken word by one of my best friends, an amazing poet named Gwynne Garfinkle. Ironically, although the dual poem "Aubade" is not about me, it is about someone leaving on a road trip that I happened to be on as well, so it goes with the lyrics in a sort of cosmic way. Or not. Whatever.

Read Gwynne Garfinkle's poem "Aubade."

Most of the music on this is live, with 6 musicians flailing away in a tiny studio, and we actually edited part of it out. Yes, it was even longer!

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