Release Date: 9/97





You're touching my hand
I should stop you
You're nothing but trouble
You're nothing but trouble

My granite stand, where has it got to
You should top me
I'm nothing but trouble

Stop me before I fuck up again
Stop me before I fuck up again

Courting consequences
When you make an error
And do it on purpose

Palpitate the senses
Sweep away my terror
You're making me nervous


Adam - vocals, guitars
Rob Cassell - vocals, bass
James Hazley - drums

Adam sez:

Well, it was the '90s, OK?

Seriously, when I wrote this song, I had two goals in mind: first was to go from the quietest possible verse to the loudest possible chorus, and the second was to cycle through the same three chords in as many keys as possible. Mission accomplished, I guess.

And we were oh so daring by making a song called "Fuck Up." Except we pussed out when we put it on the record, and abbreviated it to "F/U."

Actually, going back and listening to a lot of the older Cockeyed Ghost tracks, which tend to have the problem of everybody fighting for the same upper midrange space, this one really is fairly decent. It's more dynamic than a lot of the early stuff, guitar sounds great, and the vocals are swell. And it goes "nah nah nah."

When Cockeyed Ghost got rolling, I went from having a fairly tame social life to getting laid...well, a lot. It wasn't something I expected but I certainly dived in with both feet. The first couple of years I got into a lot of weird situations that I knew probably weren't a very good idea, but it was too interesting to not go for it. This song is about that.

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