Release Date: 1/10





The rules are there are some rules
You fucking moron
Otherwise I'm gonna go shit on your lawn
Fuck nihilism
Fuck nihilism

I gotta live in your world, gotta breathe your air
Fry the planet but you don't care
Fuck nihilism
Fuck nihilism
Fuck nihilism

It's never your fault, is it bro?
Blame us all for what you don't know
With a fat pill popper as your personal saint
Screw anybody that you ain't
Fuck nihilism
Fuck nihilism
Fuck nihilism

You got a bright and shiny box
Telling you where to throw rocks
You're crazy as a glass house, stupid like Fox
Want the rest of the world to come and suck your cock
Fuck nihilism
Fuck nihilism
Fuck nihilism


Adam - lead vocal, guitar
Teresa Cowles - bass, vocals
Jon Braun - drums, vocals
Charlie Zayleskie - keyboards, vocals

Adam sez:

I'm a fan of conservatism in its classic sense; personal responsibility, approach new ideas cautiously, keep your finances in order. People still throw those ideas around in the name of "conservatism" but they're now really code words and stalking horses for something else I can't get behind at all. Though I'm not an idealogical liberal I happen to fall left of center (or how that is defined nowadays) on most things, but not all, and I thrive on intelligent debates from different political persuasions -- which don't seem to happen that much anymore.

"Fuck Nihilism" basically points out that a political belief that more or less states that you and the people you agree with are the only ones that know what's "really" going on, and you have no responsibility to expose yourself to any other ideas, no matter how destructive that is to the rest of society, is not "conservatism." It's nihilism. And I don't have much patience for people who have elaborate political and personal belief systems that basically protect them from having to do or think about anything they don't want to, because we all live in the same society.

I'm not as angry about such things as much as I once was because I realize, in terms of solving the problem, it's better to build bridges than burn them. It doesn't mean I can't point out when bullshit is bullshit. I just need to do it with love and coherent logic. I may not have been in the mood when I recorded this song.

©2009 Adam Marsland (BMI)

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