Release Date: 4/01

Album: LUDLOW 6:18




And if I spend my life wandering in circles

Conjuring better things and dreaming of home

Speaking of dreams though, werenít you just beside me?

How did I get here

Blinking in sunlight,

Saguaro and sand?


Adam - vocal, guitar
Sandra Beane - cello

Adam sez:

The idea with this song was to make a statement right off the bat that LUDLOW 6:18 wasn't going to be like every other Cockeyed Ghost album. Hence the low vocals, the use of cello, and, well, having an "introduction to the album" at all. The obscure lyrics are meant to frame the "road trip/leaving town" concept of the album and actually are supposed to be the album's protagonist waking up the day after "Ludlow 6:18" takes place, somewhere in Arizona. Not that I expected anyone to get that. It didn't matter. It had a pretty cello and a low voice, that's what counts.

I remember I learned a valuable lesson cutting the vocal. I had done it and told Steve Refling I wasn't comfortable with the low, intimate vocal. "It's fine," Steve said. "You're just scared." He was right. If what you've put down makes you uncomfortable (as opposed to just sounding bad), you've probably just laid down something more truthful than you're ready for. Which usually means it's good.

The song had to be written backwards, because it was always intended to flow right into "Ludlow 6:18." So I had to start the song with the premise that the last chord was going to be a G minor (which would lead into "Ludlow's" opening C chord).

The background noise that's supposed to be the desert wind blowing is actually traffic on Lincoln Blvd. at about 1 in the morning.

This song was only ever played live once, at the LUDLOW 6:18 5th anniversary show. It came off pretty well.

Btw, is "Saguaro" pronounced correctly? I was never sure.

The instrumental track for this song is used at the beginning of the video for "My Name Is Jonas Brothers."

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