Release Date: 6/13





When you set your foot outside
When you're going out for a ride
Put on your happy face
Put on your happy face!

When you're standing close to a man
Paint on a grin and shake his hand
Put on your happy face
Put on your happy face

And if you can't get off the floor
That's what the alcohol is for
But when your face is in the sun
You can't hide baby, you can't run

So when you know there's no escape
Just lie and accept your fate
And put on your happy face
Put on your happy face

Friends say "how do you do?"
They're really saying "when are we through"
So put on your happy face
Put on your happy face

So when you see em going to and fro
It doesn't hurt 'em what they don't want to know
And if you're never understood
Just make sure it sounds good


Probyn Gregory - horns
Eric Summer
- strings
- all vocals, all other instruments

Adam sez:

I really was not in a very good frame of mind during the recording of THE OWL AND THE FULL MOON, and it was in fact the activity surrounding the release of the album that turned my life around and started me on a new and brighter path. There were a lot of reasons for the depression I'd been dealing with - much of it was the isolation of working from home and living a very different lifestyle from most of my friends, and it also soon became apparent that I was slowly being driven insane by severe sleep apnea. Many of the basic tracks on OWL - including this one - were cut in a single day when I was in a particularly bad frame of mind and forced myself to do something that wasn't self-destructive. It never got so bad that I wasn't able to maintain perspective on what I was going through - even though I didn't particularly like it - and "Happy Face" deals with a phenomenon familiar to anyone that's ever struggled with depression -- that the more you need human connection, the less likely you are going to get it, because no one wants to be around somebody who is depressed and bringing them down or acting weird. So you learn how to fake acting normal, which is something that a lot of people learn early on but was never really my thing.

This track came out really cool. However little I wanted to record OWL, I really had some serious chops at that point and it was kind of hard for me to screw it up. OWL was an album where I didn't worry about anything other than making sounds I wanted to make, whether it was overdubbing zillions of vocals, or recording a plummeting electric guitar track, or having Eric Summer do a satanic brew on his string tracks. Another nice thing about OWL is I really got out of my own way as a songwriter and just said what I wanted to say, without being overly flowery or cryptic about it. "Happy Face", like many songs on that album, talks about something most people can relate to and it's easy to get the point. This one really came together great, and it's also one of my favorite drum performances too. It did not get performed live much, but it's one of the cooler tracks on OWL.

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