Release Date: 9/04





I kissed a girl in a bar,

wilted and faded,

feeling subpar,

I thought I could fix her

with my wicked elixir

so I kissed her hard.


I could be every wish,

out in your desert

I could be your little fish.

I'm not a Pisces,

but I've other devices to dive into bliss.


It's a simple pasttime we both enjoy,

you're a neurotic girl and I'm an empty boy.

When in rome, when in doubt,

we're in a dark corner making out.

Better judgment in the way?

Merlot, Cabnernet.

Opposites attract

and then repel, oh well, what the hell.


I can thrust into the void

but winning her trust,

that's a must to avoid.

She thought she could fix me,

and that's just what piques me,

now I'm paranoid.

Adam sez:

Yet another song of drunken on-the-road debauchery from YOU DON'T KNOW ME, it might just be the prelude to what happened in the prior song, "A Moment of Clarity." Not much to say about the story line: two horny people meet in a bar and deliberately get drunk enough to rationalize having sex with one another. The self-deception is so complete that the singer states "I'm not a Pisces" but I am a Pisces. That's how full of shit I am on this song.

The track is another matter...I was tickled at actually putting a New Orleans-style funky piano track on the album, and worked pretty hard at getting the syncopated bass line on the chorus part right. The basic track is ENDLESS, perhaps eight minutes long, with tons of keyboard noodling and background vocal theatrics. The soulful backups were by me, John Perry, Evie and Lilli Oldfield, a session pro who absolutely killed. Being on the mic with her and Evie while they were going off was an absolute thrill. Sadly, Lilli died of cancer in January 2008. I and a lot of people who knew her were devastated. She was an incredible talent and great person. We posted the full eight minutes of it, with her vocals prominently featured on the tag, on our myspace page in tribute to her.

This song was a showstopper live, to the point where we all got sick of doing it. We made it shorter and shorter. An extremely abbreviated version appears on the LONG PROMISED ROAD live album and we haven't played it since.

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