Release Date: 6/13





Don't know what'll happen tomorrow
But today I made a realization
I spent too many years avoiding the subject
In emotional procrastination

Don't want to make it sound like more than it is
Never took the time, I had too much to do
But tonight my world came crashing down
And every thing that I heard became suddenly true

And I wanna be in love
I wanna be in love
I've been around but it isn't enough
'Cause I wanna be in love

I probably shouldn't be talking to you
And I'm probably not being realistic
After all we feel the same yet remain in pain
It's just a city dweller's statistic

I've had it and blown it a time or two
Had my priorities as straight as a die
But now I learned for certain and I'll stay home tonight
Have a cup of coffee and prove that men can cry

And I wanna be in love
I wanna be in love
I've been around but it isn't enough
'Cause I wanna be in love

Doesn't it sound stupid?
The cynic in you screams out at the thought
So intellectual, so susceptible
Yet we've all been taught:
"Don't get caught."


Eric Summer - strings
- all vocals, all other instruments

Adam sez:

One of two songs for THE OWL AND THE FULL MOON that were recycled from the early '90s and an early band, AMB, that featured future Cockeyed Ghost members Rob Cassell and Robert Ramos. Unlike the other, "Don't Laugh At How I Feel," this had never been recorded with a full band treatment and I did not alter the original song to any great degree. I elected to try for a Left Banke/Raspberries' "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" treatment for this tune and the harpsichord solo, which is something I'd never really attempted before, was a bitch, let me tell you. This is another song on OWL really elevated by Eric Summer's string contributions -- I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say he made this song.

When I wrote "I Wanna Be In Love" I was coming from the perspective of a very young man who hadn't had much experience with women and yearned for a deeper emotional connection. 20+ years later, I had weathered a lot of different flings and relationships, many more than one person usually lives through, but on the other end of all that I was still drawn to the song and the message it sent forward from my youth. It was a little bit of a sobering thought.

This is probably my least favorite track on OWL, but it's not bad. Like a lot of my older songs, it's unnecessarily complex and nearly impossible to sing.

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