Release Date: 9/96 and 2000

Album: KEEP YOURSELF AMUSED and RARITIES VOL. 1 (demo version)




"It's a beautiful day" she said to me


My nerves are jangled

All my best intentions were mangled

Why is it every time I do what I want to do

It's never what I want to do

And all my windows have a smokestack view

I couldn't look away if I wanted to

And the voice inside my head says you're blowing it


You can keep the sun

I just want to have some fun

Turn me over I'm done

I just want to have some fun

And I swear

That I don't have a gun

But I swear I'd kill myself if I thought it would be fun


I'm seething with resentment

At every little bump in the pavement

And like you I feel it's no big deal

I can't help it it's just how I feel

And you make my choices seem so facile

It's just how I feel; it's no big deal

And the voice inside my head says you're blowing it


So many things that need doing

So many beautiful things to ruin

All I hear is the sound of dropping balls

I don't wanna be around when the next one falls

And the voice inside my head says you're blowing it

"It's a beautiful day" she said


Keep the sun and the endless summer

Keep the heat and the endless bummer

Keep the wild-eyed tempers flaring

I don't know the reason and I'm past caring

Over the hill where the night begins

The darkness hides a multitude of sins

So I pray that everything will keep

And just let me sleep


Adam - vocals, guitars
Rob Cassell - vocals, bass
James Hazley - vocals, drums
Stew - vocals

Adam sez:

The first couple of years in Cockeyed Ghost I was in conscious motion...going to shows, meeting people, playing, rehearsing, working. Some people saw energy and enthusiasm, others blind ambition and ego. The underlying motivations were a lot more complex and hard for me to understand and own up to, but I occasionally hinted at it in song, and "Keep the Sun" was a very personal song for me in that it acknowledged that I was always teetering on the edge of exhaustion and cracking up. It was my favorite song at the time I wrote it and said so when we debuted it the same show as "At the Bookstore," which became far and away the fan favorite. The quoting of the Nirvana line was actually a way of taking some of the edge off the was meant as kind of a joke, although probably not taken as one.

This is one of only two songs that James Hazley sang on in the studio (the other is "At the Bookstore") and marks one of the first appearances on CD by Stew (credited by his real name, Mark Stewart), who takes over the rant at the end of the song. I love everyone's individual vocal contributions, but the harmonies don't really come together for me.

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