Release Date: 12/95

Album: B-side of "ABOUT JILL" single




Lazy morning dusty grey town
Migrant workers on the mark
Swinging door of a silver Greyhound
Into the dirt she disembarked

Why you still don't know
Why you still don't know
Leave her alone
Leave her alone

Bystanders' souls in turmoil
Like the rolling tumbleweed
She sees them as one with the topsoil
They are numb to each others' needs

Why you still don't know
Why you still don't know
Leave her alone
Leave her alone

Lines drawn as tangents take the stage
They intersect and disengage
Every man may be my brother but
Every woman is not your lover

Adam sez:

Probably THE most obscure of all the officially released Cockeyed Ghost tracks, "Leave Her Alone" was the B-side to the 7" single of "About Jill" which came out on Aerial Flipout records, which was first a co-op label and then taken over by The Negro Problem. I don't remember where this is recorded, why we chose it, or who even plays drums on it (though it sounds like Kurt Medlin to me, which would mean it was recorded sometime in the early part of the year).

Nirvana was a big influence on most rock bands in the early half of the '90s, including us, and this was my attempt at one of Kurt Cobain's type of reflective observational tunes about sexual politics, and also another tune where I try to paint a picture of a moment in lyrics (in this case, a pretty woman getting off a bus in a small town).

It's also a pretty crap track, frankly. The only thing really interesting about it to my ears is my and Rob Cassells' intertwining harmony vocals, a highlight of most of the early Cockeyed Ghost tunes. Otherwise, the guitar and bass tones, production, and my lead vocal all leave a lot to be desired, and the song is both obscure and kind of pointless. But, you won't get to hear it anywhere else, so here it is.

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