like other men

Release Date: 8/09

Album: GO WEST






Do you love me
I hope not
I'll run away, you'll never find me
You don't love me
Of course not
Who could love me
I can't love anyone

I want you when I see you
I can have you?
Please don't tell me that
I wanna kiss you
And then forget it
And not regret it
'cause I'm not Like Other Men

I dream about you
I give it all up
Promise anything
To your picture
Promise anything?
I'm so embarrassed
How could I say that?
I can't love anyone!

I want you on the inside
Understand you and then ignore it
I wanna love you as a stand-in
And then abandon
'cause I'm not Like Other Men

If you trust me
I will be faithful
To myself, and my insecurities
You can trust me from the get-go
I say that even though I'm
not Like Other Men


Adam - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Teresa Cowles - bass, vocals
Kurt Medlin - drums, percussion

Adam sez:

The second song on GO WEST to originally date from the very early Cockeyed Ghost days, "Like Other Men" was a dimly remembered song that had been played live exactly once (at Cockeyed Ghost's very first gig) and then swiftly forgotten until I started working up GO WEST and recalled some of the lyrics as being both appropriate to the theme and very funny. It took some searching to find the original notebook I wrote the words in, but when I triumphantly dug it out, the song was as cool as I remembered it being. There's nothing too special about the music -- this is as close to typical power pop as I am ever likely to get -- but the performance, particularly the mugging lead vocal, the tongue-in-cheek backup vocals, the playful organ, Kurt's enthuasiastic tambourine playing and the lead guitar (done in 10 minutes and somehow sounding like the guy from Enuff Z'Nuff) really came out perfectly. And at just a shade over two minutes, it doesn't have a chance to wear out its welcome. One of two songs on the album mixed by Earle Mankey.

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