Release Date: 9/04





What an unexpected thrill it is to hear from you,

how are you doing?

'Cause you were never much for writing,

what new and exciting dreams have you been pursuing?

And irony that we lost touch,

'cause it was me that cared so much

about holding your attention,

but the tension between hope and fact can make you

act in ways you canít explain.


Yeah, I went ahead and married him,

it was no big plan,

it's just what we drifted into,

and I ain't even told some of my friends,

it's not a decision I care to defend to them.

So what's this I read,

that you've identified a need of which youíd been unaware,

well now that youíve laid that secret bare,

how dare you fall in love with me?


/ Love (x10) /


Man, you were in a righteous groove,

you had anthills to kick and mountains to move,

you didn't think about me,

until one day I faced the awful truth,

you were the glorious result of my misspent youth,

you didn't think about me.

And all those nights I sat and listened,

drunk on your ambition,

God, you had dreams to spare,

and now I wish that you'd just left it there,

because how dare you fall in love with me?


You ask if I still love you,

and if yours is a vain pursuit,

well that's a question I once longed to hear

but now my dear it's too much,

it's too late, and itís too moot.

Best to close it here I think,

'cause thoughts of you have smeared the ink,

so honey please take care.

And it was kind of you to share,

but how dare you fall in love with me?


Adam - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizer
Evie Sands
- vocals, electric guitar
Paul Lacques - gut string guitar
Severo Jornacion - bass
Sandra Beane - cello
Jacqueline Grad - violin
Kurt Medlin - drums, percussion

Adam sez:

"Love x 10" was the first song I'd written in the two years after LUDLOW, and as the single from YOU DON'T KNOW ME was the first song of mine to get any radio play in years. I was very pleased that YOU DON'T KNOW ME covered stylistic ground that nobody expected from me (assuming anyone was paying any attention which was doubtful at this point), not the least of which was the gut string guitar all over this track which was NOT played by Evie Sands as most writers assumed (although Evie contributed some superb vocals and played the power chord rhythm guitar that I more typically did myself), but by Paul Lacques of Bonedaddies/I See Hawks in L.A.

The entire lyrics to the song should be in quotes; the idea is they are the content of a letter being read by the singer, who's belatedly come to appreciate someone who had feelings for him but he was too busy and ambitious to notice at the time. The story is a composite of various people I know but the song is basically me bashing myself for being too callow, a theme that's come up from time to time in my songwriting.

The song's title is a play on "Love Plus One" by Haircut 100 (in much the same way as "Karma Frog" was a play on "Karma Chameleon") and is based on the word "love" being repeated 10 times in the chorus. The only problem is live and to a lesser extent on the recording the first "love" always gets lost. So it should probably really be called "Love x 9".

As I said, this song broke a few years of writer's block and when it came together in my head, I was on one of my very last solo tours, driving from Sacramento to Eugene, Oregon. When I had the whole thing, I pulled off I-5 in Mount Shasta and pulled into a parking lot, got out my acoustic guitar and a Radio Shack cassette deck and proceeded to do a rough demo right then and there in the driver's seat. I had to roll down the window to accommodate the headstock of the guitar and when I was done, a guy walking by said, "don't quit your day job there, buddy." Which given the circumstances was a little annoying, but then another guy who had heard him came up to me and said "how rude. Do you have any CDs for sale?" So I wound up selling a CD from the car in a parking lot the first time I ever played this song.

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