February 2015

Adam was one of many featured performers (including Rosie Flores and old compadre Evie Sands) at Ronnie Mack's "Tribute to American Legends" for Linda Rondstadt in Burbank. Adam's crooning rendition of "Ooh Baby Baby" was a highlight of the show.

Adam helped out friend and sometime sideman Jason Berk with his senior recital as a graduate at Cal State Northridge, playing keyboards and guitar on a performance of the Beatles' Abbey Road medley.

Karma Frog "Studio G" (Garage) underwent a major clean up and renovation, with greatly expanded workspace.

December 2014

Adam recently returned from a month-long visit to Asia. He performed a mini-set at a small club in Ubud, Indonesia. One song, a performance of Marty Robbins' 1976 hit "El Paso City," has been uploaded to youtube here.

Summer Children finished their album project at Karma Frog. The album is currently in mastering with Earle Mankey. Adam produced the album and contributed drums, as well as guitar, bass, keyboards and backing vocals. The album is scheduled to be the first release on the expanded Karma Frog label, in June.

Soul legend Evie Sands was at Karma Frog tracking drums and bass.

November 2014

Adam took part in Long Beach theater group RiotSTAGE's two-night performance of Pet Sounds. Adam played bass, 12-string guitar, and sang lead vocals on several songs, including an affecting version of "You Still Believe In Me." Adam sported a bathrobe and full beard as an homage to Brian Wilson's "bedroom period."

October 2014

Adam's successful Go West 5th Anniversary Tour, comprising over 30 dates across the U.S., wrapped up with three shows in Northern California. Bandmates Teresa Cowles and Jason Berk were on hand for the last shows. The tour sparked renewed interest in his 2009 double album: read about it here, here, here, here and here.

August 2014

A 10-piece band convened in Marina Del Rey to perform Adam's 2009 double album Go West in its entirety on the 5th anniversary of its release. Besides regular bandmates Evie Sands, Kurt Medlin and Teresa Cowles, band members included noted pop musician/producers Rich McCulley and Adrian Bourgeois. After the show Adam embarked on a six week tour of the U.S. to promote the rerelease of the new album. A video of their performance of "Learning The Ropes" at this show is on youtube.

July 2014

In preparation for the rerelease of Go West, Adam journeyed to Palawan Island in the Philippines to shoot a new video for the Go West track, "Grateful For The Rain." The humorous storyline is a parody of Tom Hanks' film Cast Away. Adam actually was filmed in the water during a typhoon for a few shots in the video. You can see it here.

Along with former Beach Boys MD Chris Farmer, Adam participates on vocals and lead guitar in a concert by Surfin' to a crowd of 3,000 at Burbank's Starlight Bowl. The Tokens open the show.

May 2014

Citing exhaustion from touring and a grueling studio schedule, Adam reluctantly cancels 13 dates scheduled in Europe this month. He plans to return in 2015.

April 2014

Adam completes six weeks on the road in the U.S. doing dates in support of his current single, "No One's Ever Gonna Hear This Song," from his 2013 album The Owl And The Full Moon. The tour took Adam to parts of the U.S., including the deep south, he has not visited for years. The single racked up considerable airplay on non-commercial radio stations around the country. See the video here.

February 2014

"No One's Ever Gonna Hear This Song" is released to radio as Adam begins a six-week tour of the U.S. in support.

January 2014

Work was completed at Karma Frog from beginning to end this month on four albums' worth (over 50 tracks in all) of new recordings from AMCB for two limited-edition double discs, Super HIts of the '70s and You May Never Hear Surf Music Again, released as crowdsourcing premiums for the forthcoming U.S. and Europe tours.

December 2013

Adam and his Chaos Band mounted a second "50 Sides of the Beach Boys" concert in Los Angeles, performing 50 songs by the legendary band and their leader, Brian Wilson, with whom Chaos Band bass player Teresa Cowles had recently performed. The song featured a mix of hits and rarities and was recorded for a live album release. Guests included Steve Gregoropolous (Lavender Diamond, WACO) on a memorable "Kokomo" and Kristy Callan (Wednesday Week) performing a winsome "Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)". "Don't Worry Baby," featuring Adam on lead vocal was another highlight, as was a strong performance of "I Can Hear Music".

November 2013

Adam performs a concert in Tokyo, Japan. He also briefly visits the Philippines in the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda.

October 2013

Adam wraps up an extensive three month tour of Europe, Canada and the continental U.S. in support of his new album The Owl And The Full Moon. Notable gigs included the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, and a well-received set for a packed house at the convention for the Beach Boys Britain. Video of "The Owl And The Full Moon" with a band of Dutch musicians in Enschede, The Netherlands is here.