Release Date: 9/04, 3/08







I'm glad I never dated Aimee Mann

and landed in the crease of a lyric sheet,

'cause water builds up ëtil you no longer give a damn,

telegram, thank you maíam, control-alt-delete.

Are you gonna load the gun

to blow me to kingdom come?


One of these days

I'm gonna fall in love with someone other than me,

one man in disgrace is another man's point A to point B,

take it easy.


Don't know where I fell into this trap

when it seemed a fine idea at the first,

that said, I'm prepared to take the rap

now that things have gone from crap to worse.

"What did I tell you, son? Never 'Liz Phair' and run.î"


One of these days

you're gonna fall in love with someone other than me. The world's a big place;

you'll find another face to fill your Wuthering needs,

so take it easy.


Meet me behind the barn

I won't have to twist your arm

One kiss won't do any harm!


A bottle o' wine,

curl up and watch "Buffy,"

cursin' and cryin', her eyes are all puffy.

Roses are red, she wishes me dead,

because I am the vampire that's sucking in her head.

So take it easy


One of these days

I'm gonna fall in love with something bigger than me.

I'll be engaged, with a 12-gauge and a mother to be.


Adam - vocals, Wurlitzer electric piano, keyboard, guitars
Evie Sands
- vocals
Severo Jornacion - bass
Kurt Medlin - drums

Adam sez:

Probably the most solid track on YOU DON'T KNOW ME, from a performance, production and songwriting standpoint, "Other Than Me" is one of several hedonistic tracks on the album, basically about blundering in and out of various sketchy romantic situations, and namechecking Aimee Mann, Liz Phair and Buffy the Vampire Slayer along the way. The Aimee Mann bit was partly inspired by having seen her live ten years ago, and thinking in terms what was the man's perspective in some of her earlier songs. Plus, I thought it was funny! "Other Than Me" is probably the most representative track of what I do -- it has the heavy guitars, the falsetto chorus, the funky keyboards and the wordplay thing all going on in one big clusterfuck.

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