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I live on the second floor

And you wouldn't believe what goes on

There's a party going on every weekend

And it don't slow up until it's done


I got a party apartment

There are cracks in the cement

Girls on the sofa

Bottles on the floor

I got a party apartment

I wonder where the day went

I spent it sleeping off the night before


I got friends coming over

From all over the complex

I can't wait for the weekend

For some women and beer and loose sex


Somebody turn up the stereo

Somebody puked on the floor

Somebody's crawling to the kitchen

So they can pour themselves

One more!

Adam sez:

"Party Apartment" was the only song to ever come out on CD -- until "Learning The Ropes" on GO WEST -- from the most embarassing (to me at least) period of my life -- my first few years as a green kid trying to make my way around the Los Angeles music scene. During that time, I was engaged in various ways in making the biggest and most public fool of myself that a person possibly can, which caused me all kinds of problems later on. When my music and ability to perform it both improved, turned out people had long memories -- to the point that on the early Cockeyed Ghost demos, I wouldn't even list my last name.

"Party Apartment," from an airplay standpoint, actually is one of my most successful songs. It was the first song I wrote that got a "light bulb" reaction from the people around me I played it for (as opposed to polite tolerance), and on the advice of a few friends (most notably Frank Sorci, who's still an active musician as a member of Red Letter), put it out as a 12" single to college radio in the early '90s and it actually did quite well, even making #1 on USC's radio station.

An abysmal, directionless, incompetently sung album (I didn't really acquire a passable singing voice until the mid '90s -- some would say much later than that) called FLAKE CITY soon followed. Despite being only released on the by-then moribund vinyl format (as well as cassette) and only having a run of a few hundred copies (many of which still reside deep, deep in my closet), people keep telling me they've found used copies of it in some record store or other, much to my horror. I just don't see how this is possible, unless the album has found a way to replicate asexually like an amoeba, or like some awful space monster that cannot be killed. I sometimes pull out that album to shock people because I'm pictured on the front with a full beard. I almost look older in that pic than i do now. If you're tempted to go find this album, trust me -- you will get more pleasure from the front cover photo than anything that might be contained inside.

Anyways. This song is dumb as hell, but it's cute and fun and it's catchy. I had forgotten all about when somebody somewhere, I think maybe in my hometown, called it out as a request on one of my solo tours. It turned out to be pretty fun to play, and I wound up playing it for the rest of the tour, and that's how it wound up on 232 DAYS ON THE ROAD. It never would have occurred to me otherwise.

If you want to know what the original record sounded like, well, use your imagination. I guarantee your imagination sounds better.

©1989 Adam Marsland/Soundtasm Music (BMI)

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