Sunset Over The Water

Release Date: 2/14





Sunset over the water
I like to watch the sunset
Over the sea

When your mind is an ocean
You got a permanent view
So if you're drowning in motion
Just do what I do

I like to watch the sunset over the water
I like to watch the sunset over the sea
When I'm feeling low it's the place to go
We'll be getting high in the by-and-by

Nobody lives in paradise
But it's a place you can visit
Life moves pretty fast 'round here
If you don't stop you could miss it


Adam - all vocals and instruments

Adam sez:

One of two new studio tracks for the Beach Boys-oriented, limited edition live album You May Never Hear Surf Music Again, which we put together (along with another limited edition double disc of '70s covers) as a premium for a fundraising campaign for that year's round of touring. Unlike the other, "Pet Squares", which was a lush instrumental in the great '60s surf tradition, this was a sly tip of the hat to the late '70s Beach Boys, not a particularly well-esteemed era, but one I don't have a big problem with, and it enabled me to just relax and have a good time and not try to make high art or anything. This song was eight hours time from start to finish, including the songwriting, and I played all the instruments myself. I also did the vocals, and one of these days I think I will do vocals only mixes for some of the harmony tracks I've done in the past few years, as I've gotten better and better at it and they've become more elaborate. This one would definitely make the list, there's some cool stuff going on that's a bit buried in the mix.

The track is also a bit of an inside joke because "Sunset Over The Water" is the name of the hit by the fictitious surf band in the video for "Contamination."

The lyrics are kind of idiotic, but you know, it's good advice. Even if it is lifted from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

I actually shot video for this, on a particularly nice sunset day on a beach in Ventura, but I never bothered to edit it. I put on a lot of weight on the road after OWL, which probably had something to do with it.


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