Release Date: 4/01

Album: LUDLOW 6:18





Adam sez:

Considering I think this is one of the coolest things I've ever written (or if not that, then one of those things where you listen and go "I wrote that?"), I wish I had a better idea of where the inspiration for this song came from. It just sort of popped out of my head. I definitely am a fan of, and was inspired by, Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western soundtrack work, and given the thematic and cinematic nature of the LUDLOW album, putting an instrumental "theme song" towards the end seemed like an idea that would tie the whole concept together and reinforce it.

What I can tell you is that I had gone to a book signing party in Santa Monica for the book DENNIS WILSON: THE LOST BEACH BOY and on my way home, I pulled off the 405 to do some hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains around Mulholland Blvd. I had a clear view of the Pacific and having just come from the party, very much in a southwestern frame of mind. As I was walking around hiking, the melody came to me bit by bit. When the hike was done, I went home and transcribed the whole thing and then learned how to pay it on the guitar, adding a bit of Dick Dale-inspired rapid picking to the extent of my ability. That's about all I can remember about that. I don't think if I'd sat around on a guitar I would've been able to come up with that particular set of chord changes. It's the kind of thing where you have to imagine the melody in your head, and then figure out what you wrote.

Years later, I did a show with Dick Dale, and we were backstage together and he gave me a guitar lesson, showing me how to play "Miserlou." It was a pretty amazing experience.

I love the recording, and my favorite thing about it is that Kurt's tambourine never changes and is the loudest thing in the track. Sometimes the simplest elements make a track shine, and in this case, to me, it was the tambourine. It also has another one of Robert Ramos' excellent counter-hooks on the bass that happen throughout LUDLOW.


Adam - lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Robert Ramos - bass
Severo Jornacion - guitar
Kurt Medlin - drums, tambourine

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