Using You

Release Date: 9/96





If I were you, I wouldn't let me near me
Habitually cruel, and you pay for it dearly
I just push you to see how far you'll go
You always let me win, 'cause you can't say no.

Using you
Is so much fun because we like each other so much
Hanging out with someone
Who makes a very attractive crutch
If you were gone I'd spin out of control
Thank you very much
For being so used to me
Using you

I think you're so sweet
Maybe I'm too mean of spirit
But I'd never tell you the truth
Because you don't want to hear it

You know me too well to let my weaknesses faze you
You put up with so much, you must be crazed, too

Your friends wonder aloud why you don't move on
I know you stick around 'cause it turns you on

Adam sez:

Inspired somewhat by Nirvana ("Heart Shaped Box" in particular), "Using You" is a nasty little song, probably my most misogynist composition ever, though as an examination of the fuckbuddy phenomenon and its complicated psychology, I think it was a pretty astute lyric, and I particularly like the first line. I have to say looking back, I can't believe I actually had the balls to write this song about a relationship like this one while I was in it, and when the person I was singing about had the album. Damn! Ladies, you'll be happy to know that I got my payback much later on in life. It was a superb bit of passive aggression that led me to hand the lead vocal on this one over to Rob Cassell, who it must be said did a fine job on it.

I like the tune though, and I think this is one of the better produced and performed tracks on the early albums.

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