Release Date: 8/09

Album: GO WEST



a capella instrumental




Adam sez:


Adam - piano, vocals
Evie Sands - vocals
Teresa Cowles - vocals

Once it was decided GO WEST was going to be a double album, all kinds of ideas started floating around ("let's do this!") and we wound up acting on just about all of them. One of them was to do a wordless a cappella introduction track, basically the sun rising on the events of "Burn Down The World," which was something I'd never done before and also would give Beach Boys fans, who were big supporters of DAYLIGHT KISSING NIGHT, a more obvious homage than what they would find on the rest of the album. With chords fairly heavily influenced by Dennis Wilson's PACIFIC OCEAN BLUE album, this (like most of the songs on GO WEST) came together quickly and nearly perfectly. The piano was done first, and then Teresa and I layered the vocals over it with special care to the timbre of the voices and how they blended together. When Evie overlaid her little improvised countermelody, we all got chills.

Originally there was a crossfade between "Standing In Chicago" and "Who" but Earle inadvertently cut out the piano fade-up on one of his mastering renders, and we liked this way better, so we left this more abrupt beginning in (there was also a fairly obvious edit in the deleted part of the piano track, since it was originally recorded without an intro, so that took care of an engineering problem, too). "Who" was what Steve Refling called it when he was doing the first set of mixes, and no one ever came up with a better title, so we left it at that.

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