best friend

Release Date: 3/99





Where's my best friend?

The one I stayed up late with

The one things were going great with



No more days to spend

Kicking it around and laughing

'Cos now she's telegraphing

Her intentions loud and clear


She said she thought it would be best for me

If she was secessed from me

It's the one thing obsessing me

But it's enough to tear my world down


Justice is served

In many ways I got what I deserved

Because my mind was always elsewhere

But this I swear:

I've got no hard words to chew on

Just pedestals to put you on

And that's rarely something I would own up to


Where's my best friend?

Lonely and uninspired

I didn't quit, I was fired

From a job I didn't do well

No more lying in bed

Shooting aliens at leisure

A little legal search and seizure

But now itís all blown to hell


Moving on

For every good thing got

There's one more good thing gone

And it might be the thing

That you were happily trapped in

From this point on

I'll live better remembering the

Precious things Iíve lost

I guess that's why I had to let it happen


She said she didn't want to bother me

Maybe I needed a lobotomy

Losing her I lost a lot of me

And the remainder isn't worth much


Justice is served

In many ways I got what I deserved

But I'm sorry that it happened this way

And though it's a cliche

I couldn't phrase it any other way

'Cos you were the best thing

That ever happened to me

In my whole life



Adam - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Robbie Rist
- bass
Kurt Medlin - drums, percussion
Adam, Robert Ramos, Robbie Rist, Lisa Mychols - backing vocals

Adam sez:

A real departure for the band with its rootsy sound, and also a sign of what was to come on LUDLOW 6:18, "Where's My Best Friend" is one of the few straight love songs I've written in the last ten years, albeit expressing a lot of conflicted emotions. It was written for my then sometime-girlfriend Yuko Matsuda after a breakup. Our relationship was more one of buddies than of lovers, and the song reflects that.

Most of the backing vocal harmonies were by Robert and I, with Robbie Rist and Lisa Mychols coming in at the end. Robbie also contributed the distinctive bass guitar on this song, as he did on much of the album. It was a stretch for me vocally -- I was starting to sing in clear voice again after years of mostly using the rock voice -- and also as a guitar player. The awesome guitar tone is courtesy of Steve Refling's gorgeous Gretsch guitar. What a treat it was playing that thing.

Popular after the album came out, I HATED playing this song live because it's on acoustic guitar, it modulates about three times and there's about 100 barre chords in it, plus the melody was impossible to sing, and there were all those harmonies.

The one thing that kills this song for is the third verse, specifically the "lobotomy" line. Unless you're the Ramones, you should never use this word in a song. This was under consideration for DAYLIGHT KISSING NIGHT and I actually went to a great deal of trouble figuring out an edit of the song that completely skipped the third verse. My position was that much as I liked the song it would not go on the album if that verse stayed. It wound up getting dropped, anyway.

©1998 Adam Marsland (BMI)

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